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Bild der Therapeutin die aufmunternd in die Ferne schaut.

Hello, I'm Judith

I was born in 1981 and live with my daughter, my partner and his two children in Leipzig. We "patchwork!"


After studying fashion design in Berlin

I traveled all over Europe as Visual Marketing Manager for almost fifteen years.  

The specialist coaching of the staff was part of the core of my work. The trips and the intensive contacts with people from different cultures have had a great impact on me.  


An impulse to create space for healing encounters and to find myself.

A serious car accident led to an enforced break. In order to recover from the physical and mental consequences, I withdrew and concentrated on the essentials.

I realized that encounters with people and personal exchange is really fulfilling for me.

I realized that I wanted to go deeper and not just work on the surface anymore.

This process has helped me to leave old paths and enter new ones.

New ways

I turned away from my path at that time and completed training

as a psychological management trainer and individual coach.

I am now an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, hypnosis and EMDR therapist.

Let's go on the journey together

Now I would like to accompany you on your journey to yourself.

I would like to support you to overcome blockages, stress and fears or whatever your personal concern is,

through talk, hypnosis, EMDR and aromatherapy to gently solve in order to get in tune with yourself.

I look forward to our journey together.


"Be yourself the change you wish for in this world."  

Mahatma Gandhi

My experiences and my knowledge for your mental health

John Dewey once said, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."  


Which means that learning is an active process that should serve to improve one's life

and to improve understanding of it.


Certified specialist training:

  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Institut Sven Krieger Leipzig)

  • Therapist for clinical hypnosis (Hypnocoaching Schelz Leipzig)

    • hypnoanalysis

    • Hypnotherapeutic Interventions

    • hypnocoaching

  • Psychological management trainer and individual coach (Foundation EWBK Berlin)

    • individual psychology

    • rhetoric

    • conflict resolution strategies

    • Systemic coaching 

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    • personal development

  • Talk therapist (Paracelsus schools)

  • EMDR therapist (EMDR Academy Pocking) in training


Specialist seminars in the areas of:  ​​

  • MBSR (Mind-based Stress Reduction) by Jon Krabat-Zinn 

  • Self-hypnosis by Brian M. Alman

  • Self-hypnosis Timon von Berlepsch 

  • Aromatherapy for naturopaths

  • Aromatherapy and Psyche 

  • Sleep & relax with the power of essential oils

  • AromaYoga – Aromatherapy & Yoga

Gütesiegel des VFP, Verband freier Psychotherapeuten.
EMDR Gütesiegel.
Stiftung EWBK Gütesiegel
Akademie der Düfte.WEBP
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