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I came into contact with hypnosis for the first time at a time of upheaval.

Hypnotherapy helped me to release inner blockages and very old ones

to heal buried injuries. I have experienced the power of hypnosis and the changes that are possible. This ancient healing process has fascinated me ever since

and I decided to learn it myself.


Hypnosis is a scientifically recognized and tested psychotherapeutic method. It is one of the most powerful tools of modern psychotherapy.

Scientific studies and clinical experience show that

that psychological problems can be successfully treated with hypnotherapy.

"Hypnosis is the directing of thought and imagination with the aim of altering a person's state of being."

Timon von Berlepsch

What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and concentration, in which perception is sharpened through suggestions.  

Similar to daydreaming, prayer or meditation, under hypnosis the consciousness focuses inward or on certain things. 

How hypnosis can help


Our subconscious works, so to speak, with "programs" from our childhood,

which automatically also often means that many of them are faulty or long outdated.

This can manifest itself in bad habits, fears, compulsions and much more

express in the present. Through the power of hypnosis we can use the ability to learn

our brain and create new structures and perspectives that help us

to change our thinking and thus our actions and ultimately our feelings. 

Based on modern clinical hypnosis techniques I would like to help you:


  • To increase your self-esteem or your self-confidence

  • to restructure emotional blocks, stressful events and feelings

  • to process and master difficult life situations such as family problems, separation, illness and loneliness

  • Stabilize your self-awareness

  • Balance your relationship to your weight and diet

  • deal with physical changes

  • Controlling fears and insecurities

  • alleviate sleep disturbances


In addition to these therapy goals, hypnosis also gives you the opportunity to

Finding access to your individual resources and thus positively influencing not only mental but also physical ailments.

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