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Therapeutin im Gespräch mit einem Patienten

Client-centered talk therapy


In client-centered psychotherapy, the focus is on you as a person and what you say. 

In counseling or therapy you will learn and experience your hidden abilities

to develop and independently find solutions to your problems.


The psychologist Carl R. Rogers is considered to be the founder of client-centered talk therapy.

Basically, talk therapy sees itself as a kind of instrument that can help you

to appropriately process what has been experienced through self-exploration and to change wrong behavior through insight. In talk therapy, it is assumed that every person has an urge for self-realization and already has the necessary resources within them.  

"The strange paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, I gain the opportunity to change."

Carl Rogers

Acceptance as an impulse for change


According to Carl Rogers, the three so-called "variables" are crucial for the success of this method. 

With this in mind, I meet you:


  • with respect and positive regard

  • unprejudiced and understanding of the context of your life

  • without facade and expert attitude


For Rogers, acceptance is the basis for any change. 

If this does not exist, it is not possible to change because the spirit is lost,

he explained. Therefore, the key to improvement and advancement would be to

to observe yourself, to find out who you are and to get to know yourself.




Empathy is a fundamental concept of the Carl Rogers school.

In fact, he considers it one of the most important skills a person must develop,

to achieve self-realization.


Acceptance of the client's right to be different and the associated appreciation

and the belief in a solution that the client already carries within himself,

are the basic beliefs of the psychologist.


A relationship designed in this way allows you to better understand and accept yourself. 

It lays the foundations for you to develop your powers of growth and to be able to cope better with problems (symptoms). Beyond the concept of therapy, Rogers' thoughts and concepts are of fundamental importance for all interpersonal relationships.


I use talk therapy as the sole method or, if necessary, in combination with other therapy methods such as hypnosis, EMDR and aromatherapy.

I use this method of interviewing not only for therapy purposes,

but also as part of supervision and coaching.

“Being emphatic is seeing the world through the eyes of others and not our world through their eyes.”  

Carl Rogers

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