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The combination of the two elements aromatherapy and hypnosis

After my accident, I struggled with physical and psychological consequences for a long time.

A simple thing like getting out of bed in the morning was often a challenge for me.

a challenge for me.

I could only get my circulation and motivation going with difficulty.

At the time, a good friend recommended rosemary oil as a hand inhalation to help me get going in the morning.

This little ritual that I got used to had a great effect on me.

Amazed at what something so simple can do, I began to look more into aromatic oils and their possible applications.

I was particularly fascinated by the effect of fragrances on the psyche.

I began to study the subject of aromatherapy intensively, read books about it and attended specialist seminars.

In this time of change I also came into contact with hypnosis for the first time. Hypnotherapy helped me to release inner blocks and heal buried injuries.

I experienced the power of hypnosis and learned what changes are possible. Since then I have been fascinated by this ancient healing method and decided to learn it myself.

The subject of self-hypnosis also fascinates me just as much and over time it became a part of my daily life.

In the meantime, I also pass on self-hypnosis instructions to my clients as help for self-help.

While I was learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques, I began to integrate aroma oils in parallel with self-hypnosis exercises (by hand inhalation).

I noticed that the effect of the two techniques used together had a much more intense effect.

I started to use aromatherapy also with my clients in the practice, during the introductory trance and or already during the conversations.

Both therapies reinforce each other and "automatically" unfold a more intense effect, if they are applied together.

Mode of action:

Since ancient times, aromatic oils have been used for the well-being of body and soul. Our brain receives impulses via our olfactory cells. Thus, our condition, our mood, our feelings can be influenced.

Hypnosis is considered one of the oldest healing methods in the world.

Neuropsychological examinations show by means of imaging procedures magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and the derivation of outward currents (EEG) that certain brain areas, which are responsible for fear or pain, are no longer active or less active under hypnosis.

The consciousness sees no reason to trigger fear or pain.

Combining the two elements of aromatherapy and hypnosis results in a complementary methodological duo that can be used to enhance the effect of the methods.

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