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What do we have in mind?

We come together on this independent platform to "illuminate" ourselves,

we look at ourselves from the outside as well as from the inside. -

We all know it:

We are too old, too young, too scared, not fit enough. We haven't slept enough.

We're wearing the wrong blouse.

The hairstyle doesn't fit.

Our mood hangs askew.

We feel "somehow" out of place.

Most of us are experts at limiting ourselves.

Before we start to go in other (life) directions, we rather reject ourselves.

We make long lists of reasons to justify ourselves so we don't have to take

the famous first step.

This costs energy.

A lot of energy.

It is all the more fascinating to observe

how easily we use this energy to find arguments AGAINST the step into the unknown!

Why is that so?

And what role does our spiritual, mental health play in this?

What is it exactly anyway:

"Mental health"?

How much are we trapped in old patterns, where do they come from?

In which way are we


When we look inward,

we often also see the outside;

there are "weird" demands on us, how we have to look like,

who is entitled to what "freedom" and who is not...

Is there an inner freedom and peace without dealing with the outside?

Where do we want to go, knowing that "higher, faster, further" erodes us?

Yes, inner clarity and independence are a basis for taking steps to make the outside kinder, fairer and more consistent for all of us.

We think we have a lot of work to do.

"Let's do it!"

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